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Tabwood Ltd

Throughout the year we hold art workshops and demonstrations. These are limited to eight persons.

Workshops  in Arts and Crafts

Two Printmaking workshops


Kevin Holdaway

to be held at

Wood End Gallery, Pertenhall

Tuesday : June 18th   : 10:00am to 4:00pm   :   

Four colour separation Screenprinting CMYK

The course will involve everyone having a pre made separation screens of the four colour method. This will be a multi coloured image sent to Kevin prior for him to do the photoshop work to separate out the individual stencils on the screen for printing.   Then using acrylic ink and medium you will be shown all the steps in preparing the ink and screen for printing, registration and editioning. The extra exciting bit is that you do not need to stick to a pre set order of colour. With the four separations you can play about with using different colours and transparencies and order to create multiple variations of your design.     The workshop is suited for all levels of ability as full instruction will be given.

Cost :   £60 - including all materials, tea/coffee/biscuits, but please bring your own lunch.

Tuesday 2nd July : 10am - 4.00pm :

CMYK linocut relief print course.   (CMYK - Cyan, Magenta, Black and Yellow)

This method is for those of you already familiar with the process of printing a relief print using lino. 

In the class Kevin will take you through the preparation of the block, image transfer, registration and printing as normal though this time we will be using more than one block. For this class we will be using colour separation and having four blocks. One for each of the colours Cyan, Magenta, Black and Yellow. We will be using transparent inks and therefore explore the possibilities of overlapping and creating other colours with the blocks.

Cost : £60.00.   
Includes all materials, tea/coffee and biscuits, but please bring your own lunchch.